Hi everyone,

The latest update on the browser FireFox 47.0 is causing a problem loading up the game. It will result in a black screen. Re installing the flash player only resolves this temporarily. It will only be fixed for that one session and afterwards the same problem occurs.

Mozilla does not support the latest flash version with their latest update to 47.0 However, this only affects the 64 bit version of FireFox. Games with a 3D render engine can't be played like this and there are more games besides Rail Nation affected by this.

This is a known issue to Mozilla and it’s entered into their bug database. But, it is also marked as “won’t fix” and developers state, that these changes are intentional. Now Adobe is in charge to fix it with a new flash player update.


There are multiple workarounds for this issue:

  • Temporarily switch to another browser, chrome for example. This is the easiest and fastest way and it’s our recommended solution. You can also link to your local chrome website here
  • Update flash player to version 22 BETA (http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer.html)
  • Switch to 32 bit version of firefox
  • Downgrade FireFox to version 46 – NOT recommended!

We're sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

Kind regards,
Your Rail Nation Team