RN-13938 Steam over Europe task was removed from the classic scenario (mobile)
RN-13610 Chat: Fixed an error that prevented whispering between browser and mobile users
RN-13463 Waiting time halving: Fixed an error that sometimes led to 'Error 1' when making investments with either Gold or money
RN-13016 Pop-up messages can now also be closed during the tutorial
RN-12963 Trains: Fixed an error that caused engines bought at the same time and with the same schedule to have different conditions
RN-12825 Inviting friends: Fixed an error that caused Gold to be paid out at the wrong time
RN-12785 Messages: Fixed an error that prevented players from opening private messages from others
RN-12665 The ranking in the prestige overview is now sorted correctly again
RN-12399 Fixed an error with profit payments for deliveries to cities and industries
RN-12064 Medals: Bonus collector series now no longer resets if the medal was completed but not redeemed
RN-11961 Fixed an error that prevented players from using a bonus engine upgrade voucher without having the corresponding amount of money in their account
RN-11935 Eliminated an error source of 'Error 101' when changing schedules
RN-10128 Profile: Career ranking link is now shown correctly instead of leading to the eternal ranking